Soodle Street

Wedding stationary

I am open for commission to make custom and handmade wedding stationary…

Whether its save the dates, invitations, menus, cards or thank you's…It always more special when your stationary is unique and inspiring.

I have been working on this handmade recycled paper wedding cake card today!

email/ message in 'The Post Box' if you are planning something special for your wedding and would like an eco-friendly and individual look!


Travelling Doorways

New everyday project!

Everyday for 15 days I am going to produce a recycled paper illustration of different doorways from around the world.

Love looking at the variety of culture and style our architecture shows us - and this kind of project surprises me everyday!

Take a look at the gallery pages to see the project grow…

1/15 'Raddo, Italy'


Tate Modern

New gallery illustration completed today!

Tate Modern, London.

Head over to the gallery 'Art Galleries' page to see the series develop…