Soodle Street


Soodle Street now has a brand new Society6 shop!

You can see many of our recycled designs printed up and available to buy on a great range of fantastically priced products.

Fancy sleeping under a Soodle Street duvet cover? Or, having your cuppa out of a Soodle Street mug? You can even shower behind a Soodle Street curtain!

Check out all great these products and more at

Be sure to check back as more Soodle Street products are on their way…!

ín x


Renovating paper...

Welcome to the Soodle Street news stand and my first blog post!

Paper is everywhere - but it is quite often ignored, overlooked and given such a half-life! Paper's talent is being completely wasted! We all have that daily after-work routine of helping handfuls of junk mail make its short but sad journey from doormat to recycle bin…I thought I would be the creative 'middle-woman' and break the boring cycle, giving some of this paper a second chance. All of this paper has so much more potential - even a DVLA tax form is full of pattern, structure and design! I love taking forgotten, thrown-out, 'boring', unwanted paper and making something much more interesting…

So, I have created
Soodle Street! The place where paper is renovated into architecture by using all my favourite things - a love of history, culture, travel, colour and imagination. And everything is 100% recycled! (Even the plastic packaging is bio-degradable!)

I am currently busy producing collections of greeting cards - all of which are available at the lovely
Noverre Gallery, at the Assembly House in Norwich and right here on my brand new website shop! So, take a look and keep checking in to see the new designs and products coming soon…