Soodle Street

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The 100 Day Project is complete!

That's a wrap on 100 days of making 😅! These are a selection of my favourites from #The100DayProject
Thank you to
@landmarktrust for the inspiration! I hope this project has highlighted what a wonderful organisation they are by saving all these brilliant buildings for us to enjoy!
This project was hard work but I learnt a few things about my making process. 1. The right frame of mind is key - forcing something is impossible, walk away and try again later. 2. Less is more 3. Be less precious - you learn from something not turning out how you hoped. 4. And finally, creativity needs breaks... 100 days was crazy


Upcoming House History Workshop

Really pleased to be teaming up with Norfolk Heritage Centre for one of their great House History Workshops!
Fancy an afternoon of research and creativity inspired by your home?
You will be guided through using the library facilities to find out about your home's history AND try your hand at making a recycled paper collage of your home with me!
Spaces are limited so book ahead with the details on the poster!

NHC - Soodle Street workshop