Soodle Street

Architecture in the Allotment

Who has been in their allotment today?!

I love the home-made, hammered-together, DIY sheds found around my Mother's allotment.
Once again something so sweet and useful made from recycled material. This one is complete with a cat-flap!

Check out the Allotment Architecture gallery page to see this series develop…



Tile Coaster Making!

I have been busy in the studio today making some hand-decorated ceramic tiles coasters.
I think these Paper Renovation houses will look super stylish and modern on these cute white tiles.
Can't wait to see them all when they are finished! I love creating something different!


Project Paper Renovations is complete!

Keep an eye out for these little homes taking on new forms soon!

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 11.36.08


We are on day 25/30 of the project so I thought I would show you the steps from beginning to end of making a Paper Renovation.

Clockwise from the top:
I have shown the unwanted papers (that were going in the recycling bin) that have made up the bulk of the colours in this Havana home. As you can see, they are gorgeous textures and colours that I think need to be used and not wasted.

You can then see how I built up the architectural illustration from cutting different shapes from these papers. It quite often takes a lot of sifting through my ever growing paper collection to find the perfect colour/texture/size. My favourite moments are when a certain placing of a piece of paper lifts the whole building into an impression of 3D life.

You can see the series developing in the
Paper Renovation gallery here.