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100 Day Project

This year I have set myself a real challenge and decided to join in with the 100 Day Project. I have seen other makers do this in the past and I think it is a great way to keep creative everyday! So here we go…

I am going to try and create an illustration everyday for 100 days, and for my inspiration I have chosen my ultimate 'fan girl' love, The Landmark Trust.

Ever since seeing a programme about The Landmark Trust's restoration projects I have been totally in awe…Each building they save is so unique and beautiful. I spend hours on their accommodation website…just looking through the options! I love the idea that thanks to the Trust you can now holiday in these amazing historical buildings. I am constantly planning holidays around the Trust, and hope very soon to stay in one of these beautiful buildings!

Check out their site here -

I will be adding my 100 Landmark Trust buildings to my website slowly as I work through the project. You can also follow the project on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Here is day 2/100

Danescombe Mine, Calstock, Cornwall.
A converted Mine engine house active 1822-1900.